Founding Families

It started with one simple question...  


How will our children with more significant special needs be cared for after we're gone?


We are a group of families with young adult children with intellectual disabilities who came together to find a solution to a common fear: how do we ensure that kids like ours can lead rich and purposeful lives and be looked after by people who genuinely have their best interests at heart?


Here's our solution: The Village Community.  

A sustainable living/learning/working residential model - run by parents.  Parents who:

  • are fully invested in the success of this model because their children's lives depend on it.

  • are determined to make this happen and have invested significant time and money into its creation.

  • know there is no such thing as impossible.


Brian & Mary

Mary and Brian are the parents of two children, Kelsey (22) and Jacob (21), both of whom are autistic and Iowa City High School students.


Read more about them here.

Scott & Ann

Alison is the oldest of Scott and Ann's three children. Alison was born in 1997 with a rare chromosome abnormality, deletion 10Q26.13.  She currently attends City High School.


Read Alison's story here.

Todd & Brenda

Todd and Brenda have two children.  Their oldest, Tyler (21) has Down syndrome.  Tyler currently lives at home with his parents and younger sister, and attends the ICCSD Transitions program.


Learn more about Tyler here.